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Ultrasonic End Area Inspection

Ultrasonic End Area (UTEA) is used on material which is either ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic. The UTEA system is also used in the event when customers are seeking imperfections that are not identifiable by other NDT methods commonly used in the industry. Depending upon customer specifications, the surface scanned is typically 36 on the pin and 48 on the box running towards the tool joints while concentrating heavily on the weld zone.  Utilizing the instrumentation of shear wave with the proper transducer ensures that job requirements are met. Indications or imperfections found during UTEA inspections are further evaluated to their severity with the use of other NDT inspections. Tri*Drill Services can provide UTEA inspections on a wide range of drill pipe sizes ranging from 2-7/8 to 6-5/8 OD.


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